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Heimerzheim Castle | completion Mai 2012

At the verge of the Eifel hills, in the Swist River meadows near Cologne and Bonn …

The first historical mention of this fortified water castle, surrounded by ponds and accessible only via bridges, dates from the 13th century. Over the centuries, it was modified and expanded with a sure sense of style. Today, Heimerzheim Castle is a modern event location offering lodging in historic rooms. This facility is available for conferences, weddings and company celebrations, mystery dinners and much more.

In March 2012, the lord of the castle, Baron v. Boeselager, commissioned WAND & RAUM to apply wall coverings that authentically replicate the original ceremonial furnishing of the castle in three of the historic rooms.
To reflect the character of this stalwart castle with its solid stone walls, a solid-colour fabric was selected. Within these rustic walls, a decision was made to eschew flamboyant effects such as stylistically embossed silks or floral print fabrics as are often found in palaces. Only the fine weave structure, with its delicate warp and weft yarns, serves to underscore its sturdy character.

WAND & RAUM has amassed a great deal of experience in the field of interior design. At Heimerzheim Castle, the company followed the team performing the work in order to document in photos the stages of the work and the elaborate technique of wall covering in the three differently-coloured rooms (red, yellow, green).

See for yourself…..
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