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….“[E]very thing that is to cover a well-laid table” on the sideboard of the silver servant, who then lays the table in multiple layers: at the bottom, a “red velvet blanket ornamented around the bottom with golden tassels or braids”, over that a leather blanket and a table cloth, a blanket of red cloth and a further leather blanket, and finally a second table cloth. These are to be draped so that the borders of the red velvet blanket and the two table cloths are to be visible as such in staggered heights to produce an attractive effect……..”
This is how contemporary chroniclers described a table cloth of Elector Clemens August.

This represented a major challenge for WAND & RAUM, as the final table cloth was specified as a white damask cloth that had to reflect contemporary aesthetics in both its pattern and colour (the white of fabrics was not today’s white; chemical bleaches and detergents had not yet been invented), and all cloths had to be worked with hems on the three octagonal tables on which the pieces of the service were to be displayed under a glass cover.
We ultimately found the fabric in a small Parisian weaving mill, and our seamstresses descended with needle and thread on the dining and music room of Augustusburg Palace.

The five-metre high silk Roman blinds in the Blue Salon of Falkenlust Palace, raised and lowered using silk cords on porcelain pulleys, are a further fabric highlight.
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